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Chia Seeds For Dogs: Everything You need to know

What are Chia seeds ?

Chia seeds for dogs written chia seeds

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. Calling it a super food would be no exageration. Chia seeds are derived from a flowwering plant called Chia, a member of the mint family. Chia has been cultivated from as early as 1400's and was considered as important as maize.

Are Chia seeds good for Dogs ?

In short - Yes, absolutely !!

Not every food that is good for humans is good for the pets as well. But, as far as Chia seeds are concerned, they are equally beneficial for the pet and the pet owner thanks to their following Properties.

Contain Lots of Proteins

Chia seeds are about 14 % protein which is a very high number compared to most other plants. And if you do follow health blogs about pets, you may know that more protein leads to a shinier coat. Moreover, if your Fido is on the heavier side, Chia seeds can help him lose some pounds too as protein is the best macronutrient to reduce weight by far !!

Fatty Acids which helps the Immune system

Fatty Acids especially the linoleic acid are extremely important part of your Dog's diet. Chia seeds contain fatty acids which serve multiple purposes relating to the Immunity like -

  1.  Increased blood flow to different body parts
  2. Faster response to injury by the immunity system
  3. Clotting of blood after injury

Not only do the fatty acids strengthen the immune system, but also improve the skin due to the increased blood flow.

Abundant in Minerals

Chia seeds seeds have a plethora of Minerals packed in them. Minerals are as important as proteins, fats and carbohydrates if you want to provide your pet a healthy and balanced diet. Minerals aid in the digestion process and help maintain strong bones. Dogs' bones are composed of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus and these minerals are found in high volumes in the chia seeds.

Although Chia seeds score high in minerals' department, they lack in vitamins which are necessary part of dog's diet as their bodies can't produce vitamins on its own ( except vitamin C ). But, that should not deter you from feeding your pet with chia seeds as there is plenty of vitamins in the regular dog food which you already give.

What Brand is Right for My Dog ?

After I had a become a fan of chia seeds which was part of my diet, I decided to try Chia seeds with Dog "Mojo"

I use Marquis Nutra (aff. link) brand for myself but was not sure if I should feed it Mojo.

After doing a bit of a research online, I came across this article which recommended "Lincoln Bark Nibbles Dog Treats". I had heard about it before but never bought it. After reading the positive feedback on the site and positive reviews on amazon, I knew it was the right thing for my pet. I feed him Wild Alaskan Salmon ( aff. link ) variant and he loves it. So I would definitely recommend it to everyone. BTW, it consists of both Salmon and Chia seeds which is a great combination.

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